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FEATURED ARTICLE — August 19th, 2020

24 UX Tips for Business Owners


“User experience encompasses all aspects of the end-user’s interaction with the company, its services, and its products,” says Don Norman, the person who coined the phrase.

When designing a product or service, and setting up your business, it is important to consider how a user is going to learn about the product or service, how they will buy it, how they will use it and how they will get customer support.

Good UX produces a win-win situation where the user (a customer) is satisfied with their purchase and the company (your business) gets plenty of sales.

The following tips will help improve the UX in your business:

1. Business Name

Choose a self-explanatory business name. This name should be easy to remember and it should also be a suitable domain name.

2. Step-by-Step Instructions

When doing step-by-step instructions, try to keep them to a maximum of five steps.

3. Product Pricing

Price the product or service so it is affordable for the customer but also profitable for the business (somewhere between these two).

4. UX Perceptions

When thinking of UX, think: focused, end-result, simple, comprehensible, non-distracting, accurate, sensible, forward-moving, singular, polite, standard, familiar, longevity, and sustainable.

5. Learn more about UX

Learn the basics of what UX is by doing some web research, especially in how it relates to running a business. Even knowing the difference between UX and UI helps.

6. Test your Processes

Before going live, test all your business processes and notice anything that might turn your customer off. Fix these problems.

7. Be Polite

When you test your systems and processes, notice if there is anything... Read More

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